August 9, 1915: The threshing machine of Mesquite is here (Littlefield ) and threshed grain. The farmers are well pleased with the result.

August 9, 1915: Joseph Frehner has come home with a load of lumber. He expects to commence work on his new house this week.

August 9, 1917: Joseph H Reber was here (Washington Ut.) Saturday from Littlefield,  Littlefield Az is on the Arrowhead Trail ( the pre runner of highway 91)  and Mr. Reber reports an average of 15 cars a day going over the trail. Mr. Reber is the road supervisor of that part of the Arizona road and is promised an appropriation for road works in September which will enable him to put a better road between Littlefield and Mesquite, cutting down the distance by a mile and greatly reducing the grade.

August 11, 1910: The survey of the railroad from Lund Ut to a connection with the Western Railway of Arizona is underway. The road will run through St George, down the Virgin River to Littlefield, thence on to St Thomas.

August 13, 1910: Our little burg is almost deserted twenty five men have gone to work from here, some to Grass Valley reservoir dam, others to Las Vegas, the Muddy valley and on the seedless grape farm at Mesquite.

Grape and peach drying is almost over with a good crop and weather nice and warm. The fourth cutting of lucerne is almost ready to cut.