A Mesquite landmark was demolished under a building permit issued by the city of Mesquite Building Division in July. Vonda’s Café at the corner of Mesquite Boulevard and Hafen Lane was built in the 1940s but has been uninhabited for 10 years. Photo by Barbara Ellestad.

*Mesquite Local News apologizes for the mistake printed in our Aug. 9 edition. The building demolished in the picture was Vonda’s Cafe, not Faye’s Cafe as listed in print.


Without increased activity on the commercial business side of things, the valuation of building permits issued by the city of Mesquite in July would have been in much worse shape than it came out to be.

The city’s building department issued a total of 107 permits last month valued at $5.753 million. That’s down from 117 permits issued in July 2017 worth $7.997 million.

One demolition permit was issued for destruction of the old Vonda’s Café located near the corner of Mesquite Boulevard and Hafen Lane. While the landmark was built in the 1940s, it has been uninhabited for nearly 10 years.

The city issued three permits for commercial buildings for a total valuation of $1.746 million. One permit for a new building for Mayan Storage carried the bulk of that worth at $1.503 million. Last year the city issued one commercial building permit worth $591,824.

Three permits for grading, general commercial building, and commercial modification, were issued for a new stand-alone Starbucks next to Smith’s Food & Drug worth a total of $257,736.

A stand-alone Starbucks Coffee is under construction on the north end of the Smith’s Food & Drug parking lot. Photo by Barbara Ellestad.

Deep Roots Harvest marijuana facility continued work on its buildings as it took out four more permits for upgrades and expansion valued at $185,150.

The number of building permits issued for single-family residences fell by half, from 30 last year to 14 this year. The valuation of that category of permits fell likewise from $6.916 million in July 2017 to $3.440 million this July.

For the first time in years Pulte Del Webb, which builds all new homes in Sun City Mesquite, did not take out any permits for single-family dwellings.

Nevada Residential Construction took out eight permits for single-family residences. Jackson Contracting took out three permits, Construction West took out two, and a private builder took out one permit.

Six permits were issued for residential modifications this year valued at $44,000 compared to 10 permits worth $133,855 issued in July 2017.

Block wall permits increased to 10 this year from seven last year.

Permits for swimming pools fell from 10 last year to only three this year.

Two grading permits were issued this July compared to none last year.