“It’s no surprise that there are a lot of new people moving to Mesquite. After all, it’s the fastest growing town in Nevada. It’s a great little town with lots to offer. Most of us move here because we want a “small town” lifestyle where you make friends with your neighbors and know the names of everyone at the post office.  For many, moving to Mesquite is a life change from career to retirement and it can take some time and doing to get here.  Once you finally get here you don’t want to waste a second.   So a few of us newbies got together and it seemed like we all had the same goals:  make new friends and figure out daily living.  We decided to form an informal volunteer group of new and established residents that were interested in social networking and information gathering.    Seems like we all had the same questions: where do you get a good pizza?  Which golf course is right for me?   Who gives a good manicure?   Where can I go for an oil change?   And where will I find new friends?   And more questions very day!

We call our informal volunteer group ‘ Mosquito Meet & Greet’ and want to start with some informal events so that folks can form some friendships, make business contacts, and learn more about this great little town.   Hopefully, others will join us and expand the group with some great ideas of ways to enjoy life in Mesquite.    We can then pay this forward to other newbies moving to town.

We’re kicking this off with a Meet & Greet scheduled for Saturday, August 11 at VJ’s BBQ and Sports Bar. Join us at 6pm. We’ll have some door prizes from area merchants and introductions by some city businesses Hope to see you there.  If you’d like more information, or would like to volunteer to help with this group, please contact Denise McMahon at (562) 547-4892.


-The Mosquito Meet & Greet Team”