Scenic, Arizona may not be too far from Mesquite and it seems that not much happens out there, usually.

On Sunday evening, May 1 at about 5 p.m., Mohave County Sheriff’s Department (MCSO) received a welfare check call from a friend of a Las Vegas man who said that he had received a message from the man who seemed suicidal. The subject, a 59-year-old Las Vegas resident, was eventually found in his vehicle in a vacant lot on Zion Park and Red Hawk in Scenic. His friend had also informed the MCSO that he had a small caliber firearm in his possession. According to Patricia Carter with the MCSO, the subject threatened to shoot if police officers approached the vehicle.

“Numerous attempts were made via cell phone and the PA system,” said Carter.

The Mesquite police department sent a negotiator to the scene and within a few hours, at around 9:30 p.m., the subject vacated his vehicle and surrendered peacefully to officers. The gun was recovered for safekeeping by officials and the subject was then transported to Dixie Regional Hospital in St. George, UT and placed on a legal hold, as is standard procedure for suicidal incidents.

“We were patient and the situation resolved itself in a peaceful manner,” added Carter.

Residents of the area had taken to Facebook groups trying to figure out what was going on, citing a helicopter circling the scene. According to Carter, there were two Department of Public Safety Officers, a Ranger, two deputies who were called out from home in addition to the negotiator from Mesquite.