a little about me, A Lot About Beauty

By Richard Brown


Many of our readers have been asking me about my background and history. Where did you come from, why Mesquite, what’s your back-story?

Long, long ago I started working with hair and charted my way into cosmetics, skincare and make-up artistry. I have had the very fortunate opportunity to learn from the best professionals in their respective fields.

To make a long story short, I have been teaching make-up techniques for many years, too many to mention in polite company.

Being the national make-up artist for several companies, I would travel all around the United States, Canada and other onternational destinations to train clients and make-up artists in best practices for cosmetics application.

I have been involved in fashion, print, media, advertising and television. I have worked with some of the top designers, models, actors and political figures. The world is filled with many interesting and fascinating individuals.

I have had the privilege to work with some of the most awesome individuals and clients too, some right here in Mesquite!

My two greatest pleasures were the opportunities to work with President Gerald R. Ford and actress Jane Powell. I know it sounds crazy but working with President Ford on television appearances was such a joy.

President Ford was a very good man, approachable, funny and someone I admired for so many reasons.

I fell in love with Jane Powell as a young man watching her light up the big screen with singing and dancing and such panache. She was wonderful to get to meet and work with in her later years.

After spending many years looking for the right retirement location, health issues brought me back out to the West Coast and on one fateful day on a visit out to see my daughter, I stopped in Mesquite and was very taken by the look, feel and culture of the community here.

I met Barbara Ryan a sales specialist here in Sun City Mesquite. What a wonderful and gracious woman who helped me to find the right place that matched my needs here in town. She is a dear friend now.

Being retired is not all it is cracked up to be and after three idle months and then a pleasant experience at the Casablanca an opportunity came up at Mesquites only department store STAGE.

When Cindy Anderson, the manager at STAGE offered me the Estee Lauder Counter Manager position, I was very happy and glad to be back in the saddle again!

This is my passion and my calling and I am very happy to be back working here in Mesquite and hopefully providing my clients with exceptional service.

For all of those coming into this field, my words of wisdom are for you to learn everything you can and never stop learning.  Read and observe all that you can, it will benefit you always.

Also, please remember to always wet your hair first before jumping into the pool.  Your hair will thank you for protecting it from the chlorine.

Next month, I will be talking about the positive benefits of plastic surgery.

Please email me with any comments or questions to Richard at MakeUpTipsTricks@yahoo.com