By Pastor Travis Lauterbach

When people read accounts from the Bible, they often try to find where they might fit into the story. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.

However, there is great danger in finding oneself into the wrong part of the story. This danger exists in the account of David and Goliath.

Many people try to picture themselves in the shoes of David. They imagine themselves as this warrior shepherd boy, who heroically saves the day, and delivers the people from the strong, and terrible Goliath.

So, people are encouraged to slay their Goliaths in life. It might be cancer, heart disease, financial issues, stress, a particular sin, etc., etc.

But what happens if your Goliath kills you? What happens if the cancer diagnosis is terminal and there’s nothing that can be done except make you as comfortable as possible?

As hard as it is to admit, people must swallow their pride and see that they aren’t the hero. They aren’t David. None of us are.

All people have much more in common with the cowering, fearful Israelites too afraid to go out and meet Goliath’s taunts than they do with David.

If anybody is David, it’s Jesus, the son of David. They’re both called shepherds. They’re both kings of Israel. They’re both mighty warriors who delivered people.

Sin, death, and hell are the world’s Goliaths and Jesus is the world’s David.

David picked up five stones and buried one of them in Goliath’s forehead.

Jesus absorbed five wounds into his body and died for the sins of the world. It looked like defeat, just as it looked like David didn’t stand a chance against Goliath.

However, in His death Jesus won the war against the devil. He crushed the head of the ancient serpent who tempted Adam and Eve in the garden.

He redeemed the world in tremendous victory, just as David delivered Israel out of the hands of the Philistines with his great triumph over Goliath.

Jesus’ victory means that the Goliaths people face in this life cannot ultimately triumph over those who look to Jesus for rescue.