I live in Sunset Greens and frequently take my life in my hands by traversing the dreaded round-about. The truth is, I love our round-about. No stop signs or wasting gas sitting at a red light with nary another car in sight. What I don’t love is other drivers who don’t glance both directions let alone abide by the large yellow YIELD signs when entering.

I was quietly driving my daughter down Mesquite Blvd last week when one of these thoughtless drivers cut me off while I was clearly minding my own business and in the correct lane. He was entering the Roundabout and nearly ran me off the road. Well, I did my usual long aggressive HONK. Evidently, I scared my daughter in the process.

Little did I know when she got home she would tell her husband, “I’m pretty sure mom is losing it. She thinks she is the Roundabout police”.

This is a severe warning to all using our Round-about. We have our eyes on you and a force, of at least one, on duty to give you the long honk if you don’t YIELD when entering a lane. PS. I’m the one who goes as far as to courteously use my blinkers to warn when I enter and exit.

Bunny Wiseman