Everyone wants to see the blockbuster movies; Hollywood movies made with A-list Stars that receive all the hype, bringing in lots of money as people line up on their opening weekends to see them. Who doesn’t like a great movie today; but what’s great to one person, may not always be so grandiose to another. We are all people with individual tastes, from what we wear to vehicles we drive and what we desire to watch on television and the big screen…we are different. Many love Sci-fi movies while others can’t get enough action and, or Super Hero’s , and then there are those that like a story which kind of hits home…these movies are the ones that have the capability to make you ‘feel’ something just a bit deeper while delivering a message. In fact, these types are rarely a blockbusters or last long in theaters.

Recently I saw a few movies which gave me food for thought. They made me think about life and how we all live it so differently, not to mention how we take simple things for granted; like friendships and hugs, or just giving someone a little attention. The two movies that had these types of messages were ‘The Last Movie Star’ starring Burt Reynolds and ‘Wonder’ with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. Beginning with ‘The Last Movie Star’ it gets you to think about how quickly time goes by, and for those individuals searching for stardom, living the Hollywood dream can come on a spur of a moment and leave just as quick… so their time can be awful lonely when it’s over, and Hollywood has no problem disposing of their washed up celebrities. While parts of this movie were funny, I found myself feeling sad by the end; it’s message was clear towards the end, about how we all hope to be important to somebody…not left sitting alone somewhere, forgotten by those we know. Aging people often find themselves reminiscing about past experiences, people, and simpler times while bringing the most joy they’d ever felt; laughter, with their closeness with friends and family are the most sought after memories by most. Burt Reynolds has had his own share of ups-n-downs in his personal life as well as in Hollywood. He shows his vulnerability in this movie and the loneliness that takes place among forgotten stars, as well as the common folk which happens every day somewhere, to someone we may even know.

The movie ‘Wonder’ was based on a true story about a boy (Auggie) who had been home schooled in his earlier years; he was born with a facial craniofacial condition which affects how he looks and speaks, due to his facial disfigurements. As time goes on he must finally go into a public school, entering the fifth grade, where kids’ response to deformities can be very cruel as we all know, and his parents are sick with worry for him. Auggie will teach everyone about real compassion, humility and what it’s like to be different with disabilities; the message here is heartwarming and shows us how important acceptance is among our children, not to mention disabled people in general. There are multiple challenges for this family throughout the movie, as Auggie has an older sister who also needs love from her family. Balance, determination and pure love play into every aspect of this film. It was more than heartfelt.

Another movie which delivers a smaller message, however different (not as serious) is ‘The Book Club.’ I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. It’s about women who share a lifelong friendship, some married some not, and how to keep life interesting and fun. It hits on relationships and how to let your hair down more often than not. It teaches us that life doesn’t have to be stagnant just because we age and being open-minded can bring new opportunities, as well as adding a new chapter in life. This movie brings a lot of laughter to its audiences and hits on subjects not shared openly among peer.

These movies were all worth seeing, and for those that read all of the reviews first before deciding whether they want to see it…remember, what’s great for one person isn’t always great to another. Just go see them; enjoy life’s moments and make them count.

Make your week count.