Some calls that Mesquite Fire and Rescue receives are not always included in the report, as a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our Fire and Rescue workers do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 79 calls this week:

Agency assists 1

Allergies/Sting 1

Back pain 1

Breathing 4

Cardiac arrest 2

Chest pain 5

Convulsions 4

Diabetic 1

Falls 16

Fire 1

Fire alarm 4

Hazmat 1

Heart problem 2

Heat/Cold 1

Locked in vehicle 1

MVA w/injury 2

Odor investigation 1

Patient transport 17

Psychiatric 3

Sick person 3

Trauma 1

Unconscious 5

Unknown problem 2

Weapon 1

July 15:

Breathing:  Rescue 11 and Rescue 32 responded to a person with difficulty breathing. Patient signed out against medical advice.

July 16:

MVA with Injury:  Rescue 11 and engine 31 called for a vehicle accident. No one transported to hospital. Rescue 11 and engine 31 available.

Hazmat:  Engine 31 responded to area where diesel fuel had been spilled. Fuel was dried and no readings were triggered on gas monitor. Engine 31 cleared.

July 17:

Agency Assist:  Rescue 11 was requested to rendezvous with Beaver Dam medic 11 for a patient having and active seizure. Rescue 11 rendezvoused with Medic 11 and transported the patient to a local hospital.

Sick Person: Rescue 31 and 32 were dispatched to non-responsive person. Rescue 31 with the help of rescue 32 crew transported 1 to a local hospital. All units cleared from hospital and Rescue 32 went straight to another call.

July 18:

Fire Alarm: Engine 31, Rescue 31, and Truck 11 responded to a fire alarm with water flow. Upon arrival there was water flowing from a broken sprinkler head at the outside awning. Truck 11 and rescue 31 cleared and Engine 31 stayed to assist with the problem.

Odor Investigation:  Chief 2, Engine 31, Rescue 31, and Rescue 11 responded for an odor investigation. Air conditioning unit appeared to be malfunctioning. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Company was called to check on unit.

Heat/Cold:  Rescue 31 & 32 responded to reports of a patient with a heat exposure. The patient was transported by a family member prior to our arrival on scene.

July 19:

Allergies/Sting:  Rescue 31 and Battalion 3 responded to report of a bee sting. One patient was transported to a local hospital.

Weapon Offense:  Rescue 32 conducted a medical standby with Mesquite Police Department for a barricade situation where shots were reported from inside a home.

Psychiatric:  Rescue 31 responded to report of a psychiatric problem. One patient was transported to a local hospital.

July 20:

Unconscious:  Rescue 11 and Rescue 32 responded to a an unconscious male at a local casino restaurant. Rescue 11 and Rescue 32 transported one to a local hospital in respiratory arrest.

July 21:

Fire Alarm: Engine 31 and rescue 11 were dispatched out for a smoke alarm activation. No smoke or fire was found.