July 18, 1908, Bunkrerville: On July 4th Eugene Barnum son of A>J> Barnum, while waking up the town of Mesquite held a stick of powder too long and lost some of his fingers and was otherwise damaged.The people of this section will pull for a more safe and sane celebration hereafter.

July 20, 1908, Bunkerville: Frank Cox has taken the contract to saw up the lumber preparatory for making the trays for the raisin farm, they intend making about 5000. Five or six (horse)  teams are over the mountain bringing lumber.

July 20, 1908: Orange earl leaves in the morning for Enterprise to take his mother, Harriet Earl, out of the heat.

July 20, 1910: Harmon Tobler and family have gone to Grass Valley to get out of the heat. He intends to find work at the reservoir.

July 20, 1910: Our water ditch cost for the last six months is just $11.40 per acre.

July 23, 1909: Newel Leavitt had his hand bitten by a snake this week while working in the field. He came home immediately and had it tended to so that it has not been serious.