Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Barring the occasional impulse buy candy bar at the counter, you won’t find anything in this food-filled store fit for human consumption. It’s a store chock full of goodies fit for equine, canine, feline and many other types of creatures whether they have fur, feathers or scales; and it’s right here in Mesquite.

True Value pets and hardware, 1085 W. Pioneer Blvd., opened its doors on June 29 and will no doubt be a welcome source of local feed and virtually any large or small animal needs.

Owners Randy and Roger Tobler both own separate True Value Hardware stores in other areas south of Mesquite and when considering the third store their considerations took them in a direction that focused on the pet needs of Mesquite residents.

Prior to the store’s opening, you could get a higher end/grain free dog food at the Scenic store but you were limited to one or two brands. The other option was to drive to St. George to the specialty shops.

Knowing that nearly every Mesquite resident has a pet or four and how dearly they’re loved, a pet store seemed to be the logical answer to fill the needs of the resident’s fur babies.

Being a small, family owned and operated business, the brother’s knew they could never compete on the dog food prices offered at Walmart or Smith’s. The True Value Store owners are focusing on offering the grain-free, all-natural and higher end pet foods.

If Fido’s finicky about what goes over his lips and past his gums, bring him with you; he can shop for his preference himself same goes for the cats in your lives. Please make sure they are on a leash or contained, nobody wants anybody fighting over the last Kong.

If they’re out of your pet’s favorite, let them know; if they don’t have it, they’ll order it for you. The carry or can get their hands on anything your furry, feather or scaled friend might want except hay. The store is a bit limited on space and hay takes up a bunch of it.

Does your little Tweety need a friend? They’ve also got an assortment of small animals and reptiles. They hope to get more over time and say that customer needs and wants will dictate future stock.

Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. so bring along your four-legged friends for a new, local, shopping experience; you won’t find food fit for human consumption but what they’ve got, your critters will love.