You may have driven by the “Old Gym” on the corner of West First North and Yucca Street in the past several months and witnessed some construction going on. The construction was all a part of a brand new, state-of-the-art playground complete with jungle gyms and swing sets with soft ground material beneath, a splash pad, picnic tables and plenty of shade.

The Town Square playground project was several years in the works from approval to fruition but well worth the wait, according to city council member Brian Wursten. “It’s exactly what our city needed,” Wursten said. “Although the approval for the project was before my time on council, I fully support a place that is more centrally located, provides a safe, outdoor play environment for our children and most especially, I support and appreciate the shade.”

The project was funded by the Redevelopment Agency Funds, designed by City Engineer Travis Anderson and will be maintained by the Department of Athletics and Leisure Services.

Anderson said, “City of Mesquite Liaison Officer Aaron Baker showed me what he wanted and we started small; from there it just grew into what it is today.”

What it was when it officially opened on Tuesday, July 10 was a dream come true for many children and their parents. Not only did community members get to enjoy a covered play area, they were treated to a free lunch of hot dogs, hamburgers (with all the fixings), chips and drinks. Ice cream cones, snow cones and popsicles were also provided to the kids. The Mesquite Fire and Rescue workers cooked up the feast in the parking lot, fed everyone who attended and were awfully good sports about it; it was hot and they didn’t have any shade.

While the City of Mesquite does provide some fine facilities for residents and guests, Town Square offers the shaded protection from the scorching sun that other facilities do not.

Parents can now sit under the canopies, in close proximity to their children while at play in any area of the playground or splash pad. There’s no longer a need to drive to the out skirts of town to enjoy the parks or splash pads and the ground below the jungle gym and swings is a ‘poured in place’ rubber surface; their play area is cushy and soft so the players stay safe.

Town Square Park will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., splash pad hours are the same. For more information on Town Square Park contact the City of Mesquite Department of Athletics and Leisure Services at 702-346-8732.