Camron John Noel received his Eagle Scout Award at a Court of Honor. He is a member of Troop 2493 sponsored by the Mesquite 4th Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. His project was installing new privacy nets at the Mesquite City tennis courts. Camron earned not only the 21 required to receive his eagle award but an addition 11 which qualifies him to receive the bronze and gold palms. His favorite merit badge was wilderness survival. He will be a sophomore at Virgin Valley High School where he is a member of the football, basketball and track teams; he qualified to go to the track regionals this past year. He is the son of Janeece and John Noel.

Brian Haviland, district chairman of Virgin River Valley BSA, opened the National Court of Honor and formed the Eagle’s nest. Haviland said, “I watched Camron at track practice and he worked hard, he didn’t just put in his time and run, but had dedication. This dedication shows what it takes to accomplish anything you desire, Camron.” Haviland continued, “I appreciated his example to others on the track team.”

John, his father, told about Camron’s project, “Camron organized a crew to help him during the summer mornings and evenings, but Camron was not so much concerned about finishing the project as he was making sure everyone had plenty of water and rest time during the hard-hot work. I trust Cameron and if he says he will do it, it will get done! Camron lives the scout oath and law and if he continues to live these principles he will be extra good at whatever he chooses to do.”

Garry Noel, his grandfather, gave Camron the eagle Charge saying, “This is not a reward but a qualification to serve your fellow men. Keep the trust that is placed in you and do not fail in your responsibilities. I charge you to be true, to be loyal and of good courage; to be a good citizen of your community and nation. Continue to do a good turn daily, remember the outdoor code and teach other scouts by helping them along the trail. Be prepared to hep others and be an effective instrument for good in your family, church and community. Remember to live the 12 points of the scout law. “

Brent Hughes, his scoutmaster, said, “Camron would always follow through on everything I asked him to do whether at camp outs or working or merit badges. If I asked him to do something, I knew it would get done and done right.” Brent presented Camron with a survival knife and case that can be used as a knife or used to start a fire. Hughes presented the Eagle award to his mother to pin on Camron’s scout shirt and then Camron presented pins to his parents in recognition of their help in achieving the rank of Eagle.

Camron presented his mentor pin to his grandfather for pushing him to finish his project and paperwork.