Remember years ago paying for that gym membership? I recall trying to negotiate my annual membership at Vic Tanny (a popular gym), dating back to the 1980’s. Since then, memberships have become less complicated when signing up, paving the way for a variety of memberships and clubs; it’s not just for gyms anymore. Every time I go to Barnes & Noble’s I’m asked if I have their membership; it gives you 10% off the purchase. Taking a closer look at these clubs and memberships recently, I realize there’s no shortage of them; including online. Their existence is everywhere today.

Wholesale companies such as Costco and Sam’s Club offer great deals to its members, selling most of their goods in bulk. Then we have ‘Time Shares’ (vacation spots, condos) which has been around for years; however, many are now utilizing online sites such as Airbnb and others like it. The AAA Auto Club has a long history, which offers vacation discounts, towing and more, depending on the tier you choose. Passport America is another Club offered for camping enthusiasts, giving RV/Camping discounts on equipment, parks and maps for your vacations. But…if you’re looking for a contractor to service your home or business there’s Angies List; they provide you with accredited services along with personal reviews in order to help you make the right choice. Also, places like the Zoo and Public Museums offer special discounts on visits and invitations for their special events to those who have purchased their memberships; a great value for families.

What I find a bit kooky are other memberships, examples are; Tanning Salons (so you receive discounts on lotions and bed upgrades), Play Station Plus (online gaming service so you get discounts and ‘free’ games) something wrong here because apparently it’s not free really (?) also, X-Box gaming is similar. There is ‘Rent the Runway’ … an online site offering upscale and the latest in trendy clothing; once you join you’ll receive free shipping anywhere, dry cleaning and unlimited rentals. However, what I found next kind of blew my mind, an online membership (either way, it’s a fee you must pay for their service and more)… called Crazy Horse 3; being a member offers you backdoor entrances to strip clubs and more, not to mention limo rides, sports events, parties, and I guess more crazy deals. This is a Las Vegas Club, or whatever you’d like to call it. Nothing is shocking anymore today. Of course there are the usual dating sites;, E Harmony and Just Lunch (for those who want just that). Even Dentists are savvy these days; if you purchase their annual membership you receive up to 25% off their services (cause we all know how terrible insurance is when it comes to dental work). This is crazy stuff if you ask me; there’s no end to these types of memberships. So how about the latest membership trend, for those with deep pockets…’Mph Club’, for those who like a variety of exotic cars and don’t want to purchase them. Cadillac and Ford have also has embraced the Club memberships; and I’m sure there’s more to come; you may check it out with your local dealership.

You can literally find memberships and, or clubs to join for a fee, for just about anything today; services, products and more. In fact…it’s one of the most successful types of businesses ran today, not to mention their employees (online marketers); these people are great fishermen of sorts! My list of clubs, fees and memberships is very long, too long to mention them all, but you catch my drift; it’s all about the money. Our future has arrived, but I’m an old-fashioned girl… so for me, I’m throwing in the towel on many of these memberships and let’s face it, I don’t have deep pockets. Choose carefully and be wise.

Make your week count.