In a year-to-year comparison, the upward trend of building permits issued by the city of Mesquite continued in May when 143 permits were granted for a total valuation of $7.115 million. That compares favorably to May 2017 when the city issued 135 permits valued at $5.968 million.

While the bulk of permits, at 81, were for minor things like plumbing and air conditioning, there were solid numbers in other categories that indicate a continuation of a healthy construction industry in the local area.

The valuation of permits issued for new single-family residences came in at $6.176 million. Of the 27 permits in this category, Pulte Homes of Nevada took 10 of them for new homes in Sun City Mesquite. Nevada Residential Construction (NRC) took out six permits while Jackson Contracting, Catamount Development, LHSC, and private builders took two permits each.

Other new home construction companies including AMB, Construction West, and Meadowland Enterprises each took one permit in May.

The highest valued new home construction permit was $396,240 (private builder) while the lowest valued came in at $154,908 (Pulte).

By comparison, the city issued 25 permits in May 2017 for new single-family residences valued at $5.630 million.

Twelve permits were granted for residential modifications, up from five a year ago. However, the total value of the permits fell from $69,216 last year to $57,673 this year.

One permit was issued for in the general commercial building category valued at $285,984 for work at the Mesquite Municipal Airport. Two commercial modification permits were taken out and three permits were issued for new businesses in Mesquite.

Eight permits for residential swimming pools with a valuation of $124,273 were issued in May by the city. That compares to three permits worth $41,735 issued a year ago.

Permits for block walls fell from 14 a year ago to 13 this year. However, the valuation of those permits came in at $243,454 due primarily to one permit issued to Pulte Del Web, valued at $163,262, for work on a new subdivision located along Falcon Ridge Parkway. Last year the value of block wall permits was $34,147.

No grading permits or demolition permits were taken out.