Feb. 4, 1909: Apricot trees are in full bloom in Littlefield.

Feb. 4, 1899: Grain all in and watered.  Many tramps pass through here. We have a good school here now with Mrs. Rosa Jarvis as teacher.

Feb. 4, 1912: Joseph H Reber has had a force of men and teams (horses) out for one week working on the county roads. The entire road from the state line of Utah to the state line of Nevada has been cleared. The road is in the best shape it has ever been. We would sure like Utah to do something with the road from the state-line to the Indian farm because it is almost impassable.

Feb. 10, 1910: Benjamin Leavitt has gone to Washington UT where he was operated on by Dr. Woodbury for fistula. He is recovering nicely.