College of Southern Nevada – Mesquite Center is excited to introduce new instructor Ron Crossman and new course – Elementary Algebra for Fall 2018 semester. Ron joins our team of great instructors with a Master’s degree in Physics from University of Utah, a Master’s degree in Education Leadership and Policy from Brigham Young University and is completing a Doctorate of Education from University of Utah.

Elementary Algebra will be taught by Ron Crossman on Wednesday’s from 6:00pm to 8:50pm beginning in the Fall semester. If you are pursuing an Associate’s degree with CSN, you will be required to take Math classes and in many cases students will need to take a remedial class before they are able to enroll in their required college level Math class. Math 95 may be the pre requisite you need, check with CSN Mesquite staff to discuss your options.

Registration for Fall classes is currently in progress, call our friendly staff at 702-346-2485 for questions or stop by the CSN Mesquite Campus at 140 N. Yucca St. for assistance with registration and placement testing.