Mesquite GOphers

As of April 27 at 5 p.m., all Mesquite-based operations for Virgin Valley Cab Company were discontinued because Frias Transportation Management had made the decision to discontinue its taxicab operations in the Mesquite which left a lot of Mesquite residents wondering what they would do for transportation.

Never fear Mesquite, Michele Cucinotta is here to solve all your local transportation, errand or delivery needs.

Having moved to Mesquite from California several years ago, Cucinotta has been in business for herself offering cleaning services in the Virgin Valley since 2013. When she heard of the closing of Virgin Valley Cab Company she and a client attempted to go into business together but it wasn’t meant to be and in just a week they parted ways.

Cucinotta didn’t give up her idea of the business so she decided to drive solo and possibly talk her son into sharing the road and her new adventure “Mesquite GOphers” with her.

They are on the go 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year, anywhere in Mesquite.

You won’t see the brown uniform of that other delivery company who drops packages off at your doorway with an obnoxious bang if you call Mesquite Gophers. What you will see is possibly some young high school or college student called “Daisy Duke” delivering delicacies to your doorway with a sweet as pie smile; you might also be helping a young woman save for her future.

Cucinotta and her crew want to make your life easier; they don’t want to see anyone stranded or trying to haul a load of groceries on the bus. They’ll give you the best door to door service you can get in Mesquite, all you have to do is visit their web site: http://www.mesquitegophers.com/ or give them a call at 702-469-8871and see what great service they have to offer.