June 7, 1915, Littlefield AZ: The Misses Tena and Maud Reber went to mesquite tonight to assist the young people of that place to entertain the married people for the Mesquite Ward (congregation). Most all married and some young people went from here.

June 9, 1917, Las Vegas: County Registry Figures Large. Clark County responded to the call of the President in a patriotic manner Tuesday when 685 men between the ages of 21 – 30 years, inclusive, registered in the army draft enrollment. Bunkerville had 21, and Mesquite also had 21 enrollments.

June 10, 1916, Bunkerville: A wedding reception was given to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Earl on the lawn of the bride’s parent’s home. On Monday a wedding reception was given to Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bowman on the school house lawn and ice cream was served.

June 10, 1916: Three autos passed through here today going to St George.

June 12, 1917, Washington County: Mrs. Bertha Wittwer came up from Bunkerville, last week to stay with her father, Jacob Tobler, who has been quite sick of late.

June 13, 1918, Bunkerville: Mr. M W Andrus left for Washington County after being in Bunkerville and other settlements where he has been on cattle business.