To the Editor,
A letter was published on the Mesquite Local New’s website Monday that was filled with inaccuracies, false accusations, and clearly show the author is biased.  We are pleased that after speaking with the paper’s editor, the letter was pulled from the website and would not make it into the printed edition. The letter accused Annie Black of breaking campaigning rules and laws and questioning many common campaigning practices, like having campaign signs and talking to voters.  Annie Black and her team have followed the rules and regulations perfectly.

Annie is running for city council because she has a deep love for Mesquite and knows she has the experience to help our community prosper. She wants to be a real voice of the people on the council. A voice that will fight to support our law enforcement officers, and bring new businesses into town. She loves to talk with her neighbors and is grateful for all of the support she has received during this campaign.

Annie Black
For Mesquite City Council