Hatred on the left is so strong that is seems communication is almost impossible. Recently on a trip to Southern California a group of old friends got together and  sat down to catch up on where they were in life. All went well until someone wanted to turn on the news; the T.V. channel must have been left on Fox News. Once the picture came up, two of the old friends eyes got wide and they abruptly got up and walked out of the room leaving a few choice words behind.

Fox News was controlling their lives by shutting down all conversation between friends. Later after the news had been turned off the two re-entered the room and re-engaged, someone asked what the deal with Fox News was? Then the outrage began with statements that people who watch are racists, anti-gay and fools for supporting the President who obviously was anti-American and anyone who supported him was the same or worse.

After a shocked minute or two someone foolishly asked “are you kidding”. Their reply indicated they were not and those that watch that stuff were as bad as Trump and then the nice afternoon was over. Such outrage and unwillingness to explain to someone a position on a subject has never been so blatantly displayed. There has been lots of examples of this hatred on T.V. but very seldom in person and so personal. What has happened to civil discourse?

This column has experienced some of the name calling and ranting but when friends experience such reaction to a simple news program it has to make people begin to worry about getting together and sharing ideas with friends. So personal, so hateful, what has happen to our society? Thinking back over many years it’s hard to remember such strong emotions no matter which party was in power, Eisenhower through Obama, never such outright hate. It seems once the elections were over the arguments should be left behind and we all should support our President, sure somethings we like and some we complained about, but never this outright hate and emotions followed  by the refusal to discuss even the smallest  point.

The funny thing is that Trump has accomplished a great deal in his 500 days in office; In spite of massive attacks from most of the media and a totally obstructionist strategy by the Democratic Party the President has kept his promises and did all he could to Make America Great Again.  The results speak for themselves.

Starting with: Foreign policy, the incredible economic turn-around, travel bans for countries involved in terrorist activities, regulatory reform by mandating for every new regulation two must be eliminated, supporting law enforcement, crushing ISIS, starting to rebuild the military, starting to build the border wall, approving the Keystone and other pipelines, a hiring freeze on federal employees, exiting us from trade agreements that cost American jobs and to many more to list in this article. There are so many  things he has accomplished you must wonder is the hate for Trump and Fox News or is it hate for America’s new successes.