Nowadays having a job is very important if you wish to live a comfortable life.  Almost everyone dreams of having a successful career, but often due to unavoidable circumstances, people find themselves unemployed.  I said unavoidable; a ban on smoking as being proposed is avoidable.  We live in a very small city.  Our employment opportunities are very limited.  Every job lost within our workforce is magnified by our small size.  The proposed smoking ban brought forward by a small, but well-funded group of zealots will bring chaos in our city, not only economically, but also psychologically.  By the way, who is funding this movement?  Let me explain.  People without money are very helpless and dissatisfied, especially in a society that values money.  That’s us folks.

Believe it or not, unemployment is something that really affects a person’s mental frame of mind.  Just look back to our past recessions or the Great Depression.  Of course there is a small percentage of those who don’t care, don’t work or want to, and live very differently than most of us.  I’m not concerned about them.  They live off of others.  The majority of our citizens don’t. Look at the statistics our government puts out about suicide, crime, divorce rate, physical health issues, all related to unemployment.

Unemployment is bad for your health.  It’s proven with irrefutable statistics.  In fact, far worse than second hand smoke, which may not be good for you, but as I said in my last article, is not proven to cause health problems, only suspected with very limited studies done.  Show me the autopsies that give second hand smoke as the cause of death.  Show me the medical records of anyone where the doctor can prove someone has heart trouble, a stroke, or cancer as a direct result of second hand smoke.   Heart attack, stroke, cancer are health problems that can come from overall life style, heredity, diet, stress, or any combination of these.  Ask ten doctors and you could get a number of opinions. Even Radon, a deadly gas, is linked to an increase in health problems.

Agent Orange is linked to many health issues; I personally know, but absolutely?  The jury is still out in many cases.

It is, however, proven by major studies in psychology, that unemployment causes the following:  Unemployment makes a person very sad.  Depression is a mental illness, which may come with unemployment.  You become irritable for no apparent reason.  Jealously may set in.  Many start indulging in less and less mental activity.  You begin to feel alone and isolated.  You often feel utterly useless and worthless.  Your mind is likely to be very restless, you may be driven to a feeling of desperation.  Anger is something, which you are bound to face.  Your mindset often becomes pessimistic and negative.  I know those of you that favor the smoking ban and have never had to go through unemployment for an extended period of time will refute this.  Those of you, whether you favor the ban or not, that were unemployed for an extended period time will fully understand where I’m coming from.  Statistics, of course, can be manipulated, but I’m not giving you opinion, I’m giving you proven facts as studied by a number of psychological studies, conducted with large populations over an extended period of time.  Studies, conducted, without an agenda.

For many who will lose their jobs as a result of a casino smoking ban, their only choice will be to file for unemployment.  It is a proven fact that the majority employed do not have the financial resources to sustain themselves more than several weeks at best.  Rent has to be paid, utilities need to be paid, food has to be placed on the table, and gas is necessary to go out and look for another job; that is, if another job is even available in Mesquite. It becomes much more difficult for the unemployed as their resources will be gone, virtually, as soon as their employment ends.

The clean air people feel that they are doing the right thing for Mesquite.  That’s very commendable.  I’m afraid they will cause more harm than good with their cause.

The total economic picture is even bleaker for Mesquite.  Losses could be in the millions, with less tax revenue, far less spending by the unemployed, as unemployment checks are far less than wages.  Of course, those part-time workers and those living here less than a year may not see any benefits.  I think most of you can see the financial damage the smoking ban could cause:  People out of work, or with reduced hours moving away from Mesquite, less revenue for the theaters, eating establishments, hotels, paid events, and the list goes on.  Sure, there is always a possibility that everything would return to normal someday.  Mesquite can’t afford to wait for that day.  By the way, would the last person leaving Mesquite please turn off the lights?