August 25, 1912: Littlefield, AZ, Joseph H Reber has a few men working on the dam site situated at the narrows (mouth of the Virgin River Gorge)

August 26, 1905: The thermometer was up to 102 today, the hottest was in August 110, the highest in July was 112 this was in the shade.

August 26 ,1905: Mr. J.I. Earl, our local bee man, has just returned from DeLamar, where he has been with a load of fruit and honey. He reports the market is fairly good; says the town is very quiet at present.

August 27 ,1908: A tramp passing through town the other day had the gall to leave his old worn out bony horse in Henry Leavitt’s pasture and take one of his good work horses. He left in the night and it was a day before Henry knew his horse was gone so the thief made his escape good.

August 27,1912: Bunkerville, Willard Iverson and family also his mother passed through on their way to Littlefield they have been in Mexico for the past few years.

August 29, 1910: Manager J.I. Earl of the raisin farm reports that their machinery is running fine this year and up to date they have run out seven tons ready for shipment. The crop will be light this year but they are first class raisins.

August 30, 1915: Littlefield, AZ, much excitement was caused through the town when word went around that a dead man was found about two miles from beaver dams. He had been dead about a month and was found by some strangers when their horses had strayed in the night. Deputy Joseph H Reber and many others went and buried him.