May 31, 1882: 15 families and a total of 71 inhabitants live on the flat (Now Mesquite)

June 1, 1916: Mr. and Mrs. Will Bunker of Delta Utah were here last week visiting Mrs. Bunker’s parents Mr. and Mrs. H P Iverson.

June 2, 1917: Las Vegas Age: Mr and Mrs Pollock and two younger children left Tuesday for their Littlefield ranch. Their daughter Zona, will spend a part of the summer in Elgin.

June 2, 1908, Littlefield: The Rio Virgin Fruit Company surveyors are working at the “Narrows” (mouth of the gorge) making surveys for the dam and canal, etc They are also surveying the canal . They estimate that it will take about 6 weeks to finish the surveying.

June 5, 1910, Littlefield, AZ: Harvesting of wheat is over and the second cutting of Lucerne is being cut and stacked; a very good yield.

June 6, 1912: A conference will be held at Overton Nevada next Sunday for all wards and settlements in the Muddy Valley, Panaca, Alamo, Mesquite and Bunkerville Nevada and Littlefield AZ. Elders Francis M Lyman and Geo T Richards will be coming from Salt Lake City and Presidents E.H. Snow and Thos P Cottam of the Stake Presidency will also be present.