The title of “Studds of the Mudd” for 2018 went to Mesquite Fire and Rescue in the Rotary’s Fifth Annual Mudd Volley Ball Tournament held on Saturday, May 12. Photo by Kris Zurbas

Over one hundred people knew, by personal experience, what it meant to be stuck in the “Mudd”, in Mesquite on Saturday, May 12 when they put themselves there, intentionally, for a good cause.

The cause was the Mesquite Rotary’s Fifth Annual Mudd Volley Ball fundraiser for the Beaver Dam Jr./Sr. High School’s Interact Club’s Beautification project.

The concept for the beautification project originally came from the students about six and a half years ago when Linda Gault, active Rotary member and, at the time, Mesquite Secretary, began the Interact Club in the Beaver Dam High School.

This year’s fundraising event drew a bigger than ever crowd of participants, spectators and funds.

The event held each year at the pits behind the Eureka Casino, drew nearly three times as many participants, doubled the pits and quadrupled the money as last year’s tournament.

The final figures aren’t in yet but Rotary member, Linda Gault said, “Some of funds are still being collected; the sponsorships will be split between Mudd and the Glow Run in September.  We, the Rotary Club, offered combined options for the event this year, so it will take us a little while to know how it all shakes out. I think it would be safe to say that we grossed over $10,000.”

The winners of this year’s tournament are: Champions – S&S Construction; Second Place, Deep Roots and third place, Eureka. The “Studds of the Mudd” for 2018 went to Mesquite Fire and Rescue. Best Team Name went to Reliance Connects for “Sugar & Spikes”.

Stuck in the mudd was the phrase of the day on Saturday, May 12 when the Mesquite Rotary held their Fifth Annual Mudd Volley Ball Tournaments in the pits behind the Eureka Casino. The event is the annual fundraiser for the Beaver Dam Jr./Sr. High School’s Interact Club’s Beautification project. Photo by Kris Zurbas

Gault said, “We couldn’t have done it all without the help and support of all the volunteers helping us from the BDHS Interact Club, Mesquite Showgirls, Mesquite Legends Softball Team members, Mesquite Works, and other Rotary friends. Our major sponsors are also a huge part in the success of the event, they included the Eureka Community Initiative, Reliance Connects and the City of Mesquite Parks & Recreation Department.”

The Rotary also had the help of other businesses who didn’t actually jump face first into the mud but rather sponsored teams so that willing high school students would have the chance to play. Those companies were: Lindi Corp, Mesquite Showgirls, Mesa View Regional Hospital, L&M Welding, and Washington Federal. “We’re grateful to them all”, said Gault and Rotary Club President Jake Knoll a week prior to the event. The money collected will be well utilized in the Beaver Dam Beautification project which has been well underway for some time. While the money raised in prior “Mudd Tournaments” was used to begin the beautification project right away and the project was started in the heat of the summer months, Knoll stated, in a jestful manner, “This year, the Rotary members will sit on these funds for the summer and begin the next phase of the project in the fall when the weather is more comfortable for those working outdoors and the students will all be here to lend their youthful hands and backs.”

Rotary members and students were a bit excited in starting phase one of the project right away which put them into a situation where they were doing hard labor in over  100 degree heat. Members and students pushed through to complete the first phase and it’s apparent by visiting the school that their hard work has paid off but they learned their lesson and will continue phase two in cooler temperatures.

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