Make-up Tips and Tricks

By Richard Brown

When choosing a foundation, it’s important to pick the right color first.

You will want to choose three different colors for three places on your face, neck and chest.  Choose colors that match your natural skin tone, since these areas usually have differing skin colors.

They are at different angles and the sun usually touches the chest first and then the face.  The neck is usually two shades lighter than the other areas.

When choosing a color you want pick one for these three areas that blends well across the whole area.

A good suggestion is to bring a friend along to help you decide the final color.

Never choose a color inside a store.  Always excuse yourself and take a mirror outdoors to check the color in the sunlight.  Those of you who buy your beauty supplies in Drug Stores and Big Box Stores will have difficulty choosing the correct shade inside under artificial lighting as they usually do not have testers available.

First choose one strip of color for the left side of your face and take it down your neck – face to neck.  Then choose a second color for the right side of your face and take it down along your neck – face to neck.  Take a third color on the front of your face and down your neck to your chest – face to chest.

You will want to go outside with a mirror into the sunlight and see which of these three colors most closely matches each areas skin tones.  Indoor and store lighting will not give you the true color.


Bronzers are your best friends for a more summerlike, tanned look.  This is especially true when necks and chests are darker than the face.  They will help even out the color all over.

Remember when using a bronzer to take the powder evenly across the forehead, down the face, nose, cheeks and chin to the neck and chest.

If your chest is much darker than your face, you can use a bronzer to balance the color.

If you wear your hair back, don’t forget to apply some of the powder on your ears.


  1. Sun blocks and hats will help to protect your skin.
  2. Less is always better; we can usually add more color if needed later.

Next month we will be talking about hairstyle, color and maybe a little about my background.

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