Dear Gentlemen and Ladies,


My husband and I are nearing the completion of our dream home in Scenic, Arizona. We have each worked nearly 50 years to retire in a desert community such as Scenic with great neighbors, recreation and, as the area name implies scenic vistas.

When purchasing the lot we were lead to believe that the land behind our neighborhood had desert tortoises, kit fox and we were thrilled at the thought of being good stewards of the desert wildlife. Now we fear all our dreams will be shattered with the issuance of a special use permit of almost 70 acres for an RV and recreational use park. We may as well have a Six Flags in our backyard with the added noise and congestion in our quiet close community.

We believe our taxes will increase while the value of our home decreases. We will have to pay for the added maintenance to the infrastructure, policing, and receive nothing that benefits the residents of the area. Being a desert, water is another concern that would need to be addressed by the commissioners.

Have studies been conducted directed to our concerns? This is not a good mix in a residential area.

Our family is going to be involved in obtaining the answers to our concerns and look forward to meeting with you in the near future.

Kind regards,

Harold (Gene) Gipson

Cathy Wright