One of my main points in my last two articles was allowing those who wish to become Americans to immigrate but in an educated way.  They do not have to be a Christian but cannot hate Christians to the point of killing them or be anti-American.  For years people have immigrated to America with different beliefs as to religion yet they were accommodated and were free to practice what they believe. Today we have a different situation with the Islamic Extremists who believe that anyone who is not a follower of Allah should be subjugated or put to death. Other Islamic extremist beliefs are the subjugation of women as property, and the restriction of human’s rights for other religions, and even that homosexuals should be executed.  This is completely unacceptable and not compatible with our country and the freedoms we believe in.

To me “anti-Christian” are those who believe that Christians should be killed if they insist on sticking to their beliefs.  Those who are Atheist, Jews, Buddhist, and others do not believe in killing Christians but Muslim extremists do. It is true that Christ taught that the two greatest commandments were to love God and to love our neighbor. However, I do not believe that means to invite a neighbor to live next door who wants to kill you and enslave your children. All are welcome as good neighbors and you do not have to believe anything about Christianity to follow that rule.

Many talk about the value of having a multicultural society and that is true when all are willing and able to contribute to the betterment of that society.  But there is an issue when we allow millions to immigrate who don’t have skills or the finances to support themselves.  It shouldn’t matter what race, color, or religion (provided they aren’t an extremist that wants to harm us) if they have a marketable skill and the finances to support themselves.  Our current lottery system seems to ignore these important factors.  If you come here without any skills and consequently cannot work you are not contributing, you are in fact increasing the burden for those who are producing. Some of these potential immigrants want to change this Country; change can be good but not radical change which results in chaos.

It seems counterproductive to allow millions of people into our country that do not have the same beliefs, the same work ethic, some form of education, and financial ability to support themselves.  Allowing those that do not meet most of these requirement into our country too rapidly will overwhelm the local communities, or cause them financial strain or even collapse.  It can also result in immigrants setting up enclaves (as we see in some countries in Europe).

The song of diversity is working as long as it is not overwhelmed by completely open borders and lawlessness. I recently attended a 20 – 40 year service celebration for employees of a large public utility in California and a tremendous amount of diversity was on display and it was very positive for both the utility and the employees. While it has been too slow to occur it definitely was working.  Yet some are not happy because these people had to work for it, and they had to work a long time. That is the kind beautiful symphony that works, demanding instant change and riots and lawlessness do not work.

The people all over the earth have organized into countries usually by tribal affiliation. This happened over time but that is how various nations were formed, except America. We were an accumulation of many tribes but mostly from Europe, bringing with them European values and ethics. Certainly a sordid part of our countries history was when we allowed slavery.  People were treated as if they were less than human, this part of our history can never be discharged.  Lincoln finally freed the slaves and it has taken far too long to make the progress that is needed in this area.  But over the last 80 years America has made huge strides to provide equal opportunity for all.  We still have a long way to go but very few countries provide the opportunity we do for people from all walks of life, and from every race and religion under the sun.

All of this seems headed in the right direction until you attempt to have millions of immigrants including some who do not want to be American but want to turn America into their home country. A few might be assimilated but hundreds of thousands are brought in and they set up enclaves where in some places the police do not want to go.

For those that want to assimilate the future is open and they have every opportunity to succeed.