On Saturday, April 28, nine Mesquite Rotary Club members planted 15 trees along the fence line surrounding the ballfield at Beaver Dam Jr. Sr. High School to fulfill both a request made by the District Rotary Club President and a need to beautify the high school. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

On Saturday, April 28, a little bit of beauty was added to the ball field at Beaver Dam Jr./Sr. High school.

According to Jake Noll, Mesquite Rotary Club president, the District Rotary Club President asked the local club members, “Please plant a tree for every member of your club in an effort to leave something better in the world for our kids and our children’s kids. It’s our planet and if we don’t take care of it then it may not be here one day.”

Rotary Club members were happy to oblige and even though it was toward the end of their current “Rotary Year” what they decided they wanted to do was to continue with the beautification of Beaver Dam Jr./Sr. High School.

Nine club members started early Saturday morning digging holes and planting 15 varied Arizona and Fantex Ash Trees, one for each member of the club.

Kevin Boyer, Rotary member and business manager for Littlefield United School District, suggested that the school desperately needed some trees along the fence line on the roadside of the ballfield. According to Noll, “It was the perfect opportunity to fulfill both needs.”

Twelve of the 15 trees were planted along the fence line that separates the ball field from the roadside hill. Three additional trees were planted at the bottom of the hill that leads up to the school.

On Saturday, April 28, nine Mesquite Rotary Club members cool off after planting 15 trees along the fence line surrounding the ballfield at Beaver Dam Jr. Sr. High School. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

The project began as part of Rotary’s Interact Club which is facilitated by member Linda Gault. The Interact Club wanted to beautify the school and began the project in 2016 when they went to work on the hillside that leads down to the ball fields and the area on top of the hill. See MLN article https://mesquitelocalnews.com/2016/06/beaver-dam-jr-sr-high-beautification-project-is-underway/ for more information on the Beaver Dam Beautification history.

The next phase of the beautification project is under way with Beaver Dam Horticulture students presently growing the plants that will be added in phase II. Some of the students are also working on the design plans for the landscape. Gault says at the moment it sounds as if Phase II will include a gazebo, cactus garden additional trees and she’s not sure what else until she sees the final plans which are coming soon.



Rotary Club members want to remind the community of the Mudd Volleyball Tournaments that are scheduled for May 12, which is their annual fundraiser for this project. They have a record number of teams this year with 21 so far; the cutoff for sign up is May 9.

This year they will begin the matches with the Annual Fire vs. Police match. They’re hoping they will get the entire game in without anyone being called off for an emergency.

Since the tournaments are being held a bit later in the year there is also hope that the water will be warmer for the players. The Rotary Club members are excited and ready for the Mudd Volleyball games to begin, this year they have 4 pits and a scoreboard.

For more information on Mesquite Rotary visit its website: https://mesquitenvrotary.org/.