Thank you Mesquite Local News!
After my “letter to the Editor” submission on April 12, 2018 regarding “Two disappointing experiences I had with WCFA” in our attempt to adopt a dog which they posted.  I did get a response to my letter however, from a lady who contacted MLN directly and explained they had read my letter and felt they had “the perfect dog for us”.  Again, my thanks to MLN & Sandi Boyce, she made it possible for our families to meet.  I’m ecstatic to report a positive interaction between all!  Our Shih Tzu now has a brother who is also a Shih Tzu & poodle mix.  I also want to add that I got another response to my letter from a lady who said, “I should feel lucky, that WCFA at least called me,”  she responded to one of their ads but didn’t even get a phone call from them.  I wanted to let her know that there is hope for us older people to adopt.  Nan, if you are reading this think about putting an ad in the MLN with the desire to adopt.  Older  people needs the love from an animal just as much as an animal needs the love from people.  It’s a shame to age discriminate…after all, we older people do have the time, we are home during the day, and we are perfectly capable of caring & loving an animal as much as younger people are.  I did indeed get a response to my letter from WCFA too and my response:  I now have three disappointing experiences with WCFA.
Again, thank you MLN and Sandi Boyce.
Billie Newton