Border Patrol Agents have been ramping up at U.S. Borders, including the National Guard troops, but for those working the San Diego borders today…it looks like it’s going to be a long hall. Currently there are hundreds of migrants wanting asylum here, but for those chanting through megaphones and sitting on the walls of Tijuana…I’m not so sure what to think at this point. For me…I think it’s frightening to see people who feel they have ‘rights’ before they even enter U.S. territory. I see dangerous situations that could possibly escalate and could be harmful to those already living here; Borders crossing Mexico have many kinds of dangers, and we need to protect our agents and all other personnel during this crisis.

Letting migrants into the U.S. comes with reservations by many citizens; rightfully so. Who will house and feed everyone? As I drive every day, I see homeless on our streets, not to mention our veterans who’ve already served our country needing help. We talk about shortages in health care, school funding and social security benefits…and in my mind, I foresee more trouble. These are things that should be discussed, especially while they line our borders and yell through their megaphones; as if they are entitled to be here already. So what would happen if we let them all in, and they had a hard time gaining employment? Would they become angry, maybe even violent; I don’t have the answer…but I find probable cause for concern.

Only time will tell what the future holds, and I am not un-caring to those that want to escape violence, poverty and crimes, but I do have a different point of view when thinking of this current situation. My thoughts go back to where illegals became angry (and worried) about deportation after Trump became president. It reminds me of a woman on the news, which was sent back to Mexico and her children (grown) became outraged; they stated she never committed a crime, oh…but she had. She stole someone’s social security number (identity theft) and thought nothing of it, because she wanted to work…instead of going about it the right way. As for me, I am a victim of full identity theft, and it has been hell for me (mildly put). I’ll tell you what I was told by detectives; once they have ALL of your information (including documents), which they have (and family photos), those items are sold to immigrants who seek them out to the highest bidder across U.S. borders. I am telling you from experience; apparently I own a Nissan in Mexico because it has my VIN number attached. Also, another in Las Vegas used my information to seek medical care last year; so you see…as for me, I have a different opinion about many things today. I use to live in a bubble (happy & carefree) … and I liked it there; but once something changes your life (for the rest of your life)…you too may share…somewhat of a different opinion. I still have heart, but I choose my battles with extreme caution, and so should our government.

Make your week count.