The Mesquite Police Department has filed criminal charges on Franklin E Sanchez, who was arrested today, April 25, as a result of his fleeing and evading from officers.  Sanchez has been arrested and charged with one felony count of possession of a stolen vehicle, one felony count of evading a public officer, one misdemeanor count of obstructing a public officer, and one misdemeanor count of failure to stop at a controlled intersection.  Sanchez will also have criminal charges pending in Arizona and Utah.

During the incident, the Mesquite Police Department used a new emergency notification system to send immediate updates to community members who have previously signed up for the service.  Although the department attempted to notify the public with updates through Twitter and Face book, we highly recommend that anyone who wants the most accurate and quick information from the police department during future events to sign up for our Nixle emergency notification system.

Signing up for our emergency notification system is easy, free, and only takes a few seconds, simply text our zip code, 89027, to phone# 888777.  You will receive a confirmation that your phone’s number is now registered.

The police department also utilized a new unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) to quickly search within as well as outside of the contained area for the suspect.  The drone saved many man hours that would have otherwise required multiple officers to systematically clear large areas.  Chief Troy Tanner stated; “The usefulness of this tool is immeasurable.  We can use it in search and rescue applications, searching for fleeing suspects, and many other tactical situations which make our officers’ dangerous jobs much safer.  It has always been my goal to bring the best and most updated equipment to this department in an effort to make Mesquite a safer place for everyone who lives here as well as for those who come here to recreate.”

Chief Tanner added, “I want to thank the outside agencies who assisted us today.  The added manpower allowed us to work quickly at containing the suspect and safely searching for him.  Personnel are very important in police work, even more so here in Mesquite, since we are so far away from other cities and police agencies.”

During this event, the Mesquite Police Department also requested the high school, middle school, and elementary school enter a “soft lock down”.  The police department’s first priority is the safety of the public, especially the schools.  Although Mesquite Police do not handle a lot of events like this during school hours, their standard procedure is to place the schools in a soft lock down mode just in case the suspect escapes the area.  This ensures the schools can stay operating in a safe environment.