I have been asked numerous times who the individual is that comes to so many city council meetings and complains about our police and court system, and the injustice he has received.  He further casts doubt about my loyalty to this country and the oaths that I have taken, as well as all the members of the city council.

First let me explain that this has been an ongoing complaint for around eight years.  It changes somewhat, but the comments are pretty much the same.  The gentleman believes he was wronged and wants the city, myself, or the council to intervene.

The individual in question is not a resident of Mesquite in the real sense or the state for that matter, and does not appear to have an address of any kind here.  He used to live in an old motor home and parked it around town until asked to move.  Perhaps this has changed, but it’s not important.  I’m not sure he has an address anywhere, but it’s not the point.  He is entitled to his opinion, but, of course, so am I.

In order to understand the nature of the complaints, we need to go back to 2009.  In September of that year the individual received citations for Obscene/Threatening/Annoying phones call and for Obstructing, Delaying, or Hindering a public officers investigation.  This is public record.  The matters proceeded to trial and the individual represented himself.  During the trial the defendant requested permission from the court to change his plea to Guilty or No Contest and was assessed fines and fees of $625.00 for each charge.  This is public record.  Another case came up against the defendant and the defendant entered a No Contest plea to one count of Stalking.  Fines and fees of $250.00 were assessed.  This is public record.  At a later date the defendant decided to appeal the outcome of this case.  On two separate occasions appeals were filed in the Eighth Judicial District Court in Las Vegas.  Both appeals were denied.  This is public record.  Subsequent appeals to the Nevada Supreme Court were denied as the districts Courts are the final courts of appellate jurisdiction for matters commencing in Municipal Court (Mesquite).  This is public record.  The defendant’s cases have been closed for many years.

Ever since 2011 when I became a city councilman, I have been sent reams of paperwork by this individual as well as the same paperwork being sent to each council person and Mayor Weir.  I would guess prior administrations received the same.  We have not acted on the requests by the individual in this matter as we have no judicial powers, no investigative powers and no court intervention powers.  The State Supreme Court of Nevada in 2012 denied every request by this individual.  This is public record.

The question that the general public has asked me, is why does the individual continue to ask the mayor and city council to do something they have no control over?  This is where the mental health of this individual comes into question.  Without either doing a case study myself, or having access to any pertinent mental health records regarding either the prior or current state of mind of this individual, I can only make an educated guess based on my professional experience as a Psychotherapist that we may be dealing with a Narcissist Personality Disorder or another closely related disorder.  Again, this is only my personal opinion with out a comprehensive review of the individuals mental health records if there are any.

The gentleman in question will probably continue to come to council meetings.  He has that right.  He will probably continue to ask us to do something we cannot.  He has that right.  The courts will not intervene.  The city will not and cannot.  I as mayor have absolutely no authority in reversing what the courts have long since ruled on.  I guess we are at a standstill.

I do, however, resent when the integrity of the office of mayor and city council as well as our loyalty to the United States, the State of Nevada and the city of Mesquite is questioned by this individual.  This council consists of three veterans, one Bishop in the LDS Church, and one retired professional with impeccable credentials.  Past councils had unblemished records as well.  We are here to serve the residents of our city and uphold the laws that govern us.  When this individual speaks he often gets applause from a few of those in the council chambers.  You need to look at the public record of this individual before you reward him for his character as an outstanding citizen who was wronged by a corrupt police department, a corrupt court system and a corrupt mayor and city council.  In fact, he thinks we are so corrupt that we need to receive ethics training from the state along with the police department.  If he thinks we are so unethical and have violated the laws that govern us, he should file an ethics complaint.  I look forward to it.