Easter is a festive time of year for many of us! There are, however, several 

potential hazards for your Pet Kid that you may not be aware of. We want your 

pets healthy and happy, so we do ask that you take care to keep these items 

out of curious mouths!

  1. Easter Lillies- All components of Easter Lillies are poisonous to cats: petals, leaves, stem, and even pollen. Ingestion of even a small amount can result in kidney failure. Symptoms include vomiting, dehydration, loss of appetite, and lethargy. 
  1. Easter Grass- The decorative fake grass used in Easter baskets can cause extremely serious complications, and even death in your dog or cat if eaten. The linear property of the grass may entwine itself in the stomach or intestines, resulting in a linear foreign body. These situations often require surgical removal. Besides seeing your pet eat Easter grass, some symptoms of ingestion include straining to defecate, or a painful abdomen. 
  1. Chocolate- Easter baskets are often brimming with chocolates and candy, which is great for human kids, but can be deadly for our Pet Kids. The Methylxanthines and Theobromines in chocolate are toxic to dogs and cats and may result in vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, seizures, and even death. Generally, the darker the chocolate, the higher its toxicity. 
  1. Xylitol- This artificial sweetener is found in some types of candies, chewing gum, and baked goods, and can be extremely toxic to dogs and cats. 
  1. Easter Eggs (Real and Fake)- Plastic eggs, though cute and fun to hunt, are possible choking hazards for our furry friends. They can also become lodged in the stomach or intestines, causing blockages. Hard boiled eggs that have spoiled can cause severe digestive upsets if eaten by dogs or cats.  

Featured Dog- Courtney

Courtney came to us a stray and wants nothing more than to be your best friend. Approximately one year old, weighing in at 42 pounds. Her white body is covered in black speckles, long pointy tail. Loves to play, needs plenty of exercise to keep her muscular, strong figure. We are suggesting he be the only dog in the home.

Other dogs

Tula- small terrier/chi blend. Shy but she is a friendly happy girl


Fettered Cat- Gypsy

Gypsy’s elderly owner could no longer care for her. Extra large lady beautiful colorization, easily handled, friendly. 7 yrs old. Bright green eyes. She is quite talkative, she will sit in front of you and tell all kinds of stories. She loves attention and will follow you around or sit beside you  and keep you company.

Other cats

Paris- quite, loves looking out the window. Special diet

All animals will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving shelter and receive 1 year rabies vaccination and city license. Ages are approximate.

The City of Mesquite Animal Shelter located at 795 Hardy Way is open for adoptions from 11am until 1 pm, Monday through Saturday, Sunday 1pm -3pm. Please call 702-346-7415 during these hours to speak to the front desk. Animal Control may be reached by phone or voicemail at 702-346-5268 

The animals submitted to the media may have changed so please visit our Petfinder website for a current listing and more detailed information on the animals. www.mesquiteanimalshelter.petfinder.com

Please also check our Facebook pages for lost and found animals along with pet information. https://www.facebook.com/MesquiteNVAnimalControl  and https://www.facebook.com/FRIENDSOFMESQUITENVANIMALSHELTER