Riders enjoyed sunshine and scenery on the ‘Citizen’s Class’ (35 mile), ‘Metric Century’ (65 mile), and ‘Top of The Hill’ (90 mile) as they looped through Mesquite and parts of the Arizona Strip during the Mesquite Madness cycling event on Saturday, March 17. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

There’s no limit to the amount of activity you’ll see on any given day in Mesquite especially when the town is a huge draw for sports enthusiasts and active seniors. Residents expect that with the onslaught of tourists there is also an increase of traffic which leads to some vehicular challenges.

On St. Patty’s Day residents experienced a slightly different type of traffic challenge when 500 bikers took off for their first ride of the season.

Cyclists got their riding legs ready and joined the gang for a tough bike ride. The event sold out fast and cycle enthusiast hit the highway on Saturday, March 17, for Mesquite Madness sponsored by Ride Southern Utah and Redd Rock Bicycle Co. located in St. George, Utah.

This year the cycling event coordinators added a different game and included prizes at every rest stop; the riders that made it to the top of Utah hill got the big prizes.

After sweating the largely uphill terrain the Mesquite Madness cyclists endured on their first cycle event of the season, the ability to lower their heads, face the winds and coast downhill was cool. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Mesquite Madness takes advantage of mild temperatures that Mesquite offers in the spring. When other places are still frozen for the Utah riders, Mesquite is basking in sunshine and warmer temperatures, giving cycle enthusiasts perfect riding conditions without the outrageously crazy traffic most find in bigger cities.

Riders enjoyed sunshine and scenery on the Citizen’s Class (35 mile), Metric Century (65 mile), and Top of The Hill (90 mile) as they looped through Mesquite and parts of the Arizona Strip. The Metric Century and Top of The Hill also allowed riders to experience nature’s full splendor as they cycled past the nearly pristine Mohave Desert Preserves along Old Highway 91.

Motorists may have had a challenging day dodging other traffic along with the cyclists but signs clearly marked the route to let drivers beware.

Rest stops along the route provided plenty of nourishment and hydration for the participants and volunteers were kept busy replenishing the supplies. Every participant received a custom Mesquite Madness event medal and t-shirt with registration. For more information on Mesquite Madness you can follow their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1978322735717827/.