Employment opportunities have come a long way, so while many enjoy working from their own homes today, it’s the ‘untraditional’ jobs that have captured the interests of others. A variety of jobs are being created through apps; as it was in the beginning with Uber and Lyft… these two paved the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs, but having a newer vehicle in good condition and full coverage insurance is necessary, so not everyone was able to take advantage of this opportunity; until some others followed suit with less restrictions. Not all companies care about the condition of your car, they’re interested in people who want to work, but remember…you must have a smart phone and their app in order to log in. There seems to be no shortage to unique ways of earning an income today.

Starting with driving jobs, there are several apps that allow you to work when you want; Door dash (doesn’t care about your car, but it does a background check) delivers food wherever people are; another app; Caviar (bike or vehicle) also delivering food; Roadie (which does the same service), but with perks like free Waffle House or discounted roadside assistance. If you’re not keen on food delivery, there’s Wrapify; they wrap your vehicle in advertisements, which pays you to drive in specific places during certain hours; another is Amazon Flex; using services outside their own couriers and allowing people to deliver packages in their vehicles while being their own boss; although Amazon has a very tight window for deliveries. Shipt was bought by Target last year and uses the app for customers who’d like their shopping done for them with delivery. It’s apparent there’s no shortage of driving and delivery gigs for those that enjoy doing it.

Interesting employment opportunities can range from unusual to unique… like becoming a color expert; training is offered from IACC (International Association of Color Consultants), as large companies seek consultants to combine methods of psychology, trends and other data, then using it in logos or other parts of their business. Maybe you could become a Fen Shui Consultant or a professional Pick Up Artist Instructor; yes these services are real and people pay for them. Body Painters don’t need formal training, but taking make-up classes help in getting you hired at large events or Festivals around the globe. There are even professional Bridesmaids today; their jobs do most of the behind the scenes tasks, while assisting in parties, shopping, hiring DJ’s, managing guest lists and even taking the bride to the bathroom to assist with her dress or touch-up make-up and hair. When thinking of unique employment, I find it almost endless…the only problem might be finding the right way to get you there. There are Bounty Hunters, Ethical Hackers, Food Scientists, Avalanche Forecasters, Waterslide Testers…you name it; one of my favorite opportunities would be an Airplane Repo person…it’d be similar to a James Bond movie, traveling to different places around the world (in Beautiful custom jets) and action-packed! I couldn’t help reading about it and found it fascinating. From professional line-standers to mourners found at funerals…it comes as no surprise as to the type of services people will pay for; all it takes is imagination and the ability to market yourself…creating unique possibilities anywhere in the world.

Make your week count.