Photo by Danielle Garlick

March 14, 2018 was in the news as students across the nation observed 17 Minutes to draw attention to gun violence in schools. . Many of these marches may have had political agendas and look like protests. Rather than protest, the Junior Class Representatives of Beaver Dam High Schools talk to the rest of the Council about having a day where everyone could get together and talk about how we could make our schools safer.

After meeting with Lael Calton, High School Principal and Littlefield Unified District Superintendent, plans came together to have a day where take steps to make school even safer. The Beaver Dam Elementary Principal, Lisa Young, was also enthusiastic; a Keep Our Schools Safe Day was planned.

On Wednesday, March 14th, beginning a bit after 10:00 AM, all the high school student walked down to the Beaver Dam Elementary, where we met as a school community. The BDHS student council members presented skits and question and answer periods that covered fire drill, shelter-in-place (lockdown) drills and keeping an eye out for people who are hurting themselves or others. Deputy Felish of the Mojave County Sheriff’s department talked about how we can keep each other safer, and Principals Calton and Lisa Young spoke to everyone about what is being done to make our facilities and school community safer.

Photo by Danielle Garlick








The day concluded with a group reading of the Elementary safe school guidelines. The poster reads as follows:

My school is safe because I keep it safe

  1. I am a hero at my school.
  2. I will tell an adult if someone is hurting inside.
  3. I will tell an adult if someone talks about hurting themselves.
  4. I will tell an adult if someone talks about hurting others.
  5. I know that alcohol, drugs, bullying, lying, and weapons all hurt.
  6. I know that some people don’t know this, so I have to be brave and help.
  7. I know that I am a hero when I keep people from getting hurt.

After the presentations finished up at the Elementary, the Junior and High School students walked back their campus, where Deputy Felish and Ms. Calton took questions and presented more detailed safety information.