This sleepy little town of Desert Springs, AZ is the home of Jerry and Susan McFalls. The couple went missing from their homes in Jan. 11 under suspicious circumstances. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

They own a home in the sleepy little desert town of Desert Springs, AZ where they spend the winter months. In the summer, they’re home in northern Utah. They’re described by neighbors and family members as “folks who will give you the shirts off their backs. They’re helpful to the neighbors, wonderful parents and grandparents; the nicest people you’ll ever want to meet” and they’re missing.

The McFalls were supposed to be in Salt Lake City for a court date; they never showed. The couple’s son arrived at the Desert Springs home on Jan. 21 and found his parents were missing; without a trace. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Susan and Jerry McFalls have been missing from their home in Desert Springs since sometime after Jan. 11. The couple last spoke with family members the afternoon of Jan. 11 but Susan’s cellphone shows a call about 20 minutes later being made to the garbage disposal company to schedule a dumpster pickup/dump on Jan. 12 which was made.

When the couple didn’t show up for scheduled court appointments the following week, their son, who lives in Salt Lake City, got worried and made a trip down to the Arizona Strip.

Jerry and Susan McFall went missing from their home on Jan. 11. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

What Jerry McFalls Jr. found when he arrived was a front door ajar and a home eerily undisturbed. Keys, wallets, purses, computers, cell phones were still sitting on the dining room table and even dinner, a pork roast waiting to be prepared, was sitting on the kitchen counter. What he didn’t find was any sign of his 62 year old parents.

According to family members, a prime suspect in the disappearance is the next door neighbor who had a pending court case for shooting Jerry McFall Sr. in the stomach with a BB gun some time before the couple went missing. The couple never showed up to court to testify so the charges against the neighbor were subsequently dropped. The Mohave County Sheriff’s office conducted a search of the neighbor’s property but has divulged no findings at this time; forensics results are still pending.

Ghastly and gruesome sights “unwelcome” visitors to the McFalls next door neighbor’s property. Doll heads also adorn trees around the home. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

The McFalls purchased the Desert Springs home through a foreclosure; the home and the home next door, at that time, belonged to the same neighbor. Jerry Jr. said his parents had to have Mohave County Sheriff formerly escort the neighbor from the home before the McFalls could take possession of their new purchase. The neighbor then moved to his other property, next door, and the McFalls had trouble with them occasionally.

Also according to family members, an additional person of interest in the case has contacted them several times, leading them either away from or toward the location of the missing couple. The particular person has contacted the family several times offering places they should go check for the bodies and even offered to get some friends together on dirt bikes to aid in the search efforts. When the help had been accepted and a time and place set, he never showed.

Family members also commented that that same person arrived at the neighbor’s house during the time Mohave County Sheriffs were executing the search warrant, he stayed the entire time and has spent a great deal of time at the neighbor’s house since.

The entrance of the McFalls home still boasts past remnants of the next door neighbor’s unwelcoming décor. The McFalls purchased the home after the neighbor lost one of two homes in a foreclosure. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Family and friends are desperate but not giving up hope. David Bounsall, a Fugitive Recovery Specialist in Clark County heard about the missing couple and has offered his help. Bounsall has already organized a weekend long search effort for the couple and given the family some new hope and a fresh perspective.

“Somebody has to know something and a secret isn’t a secret if more than one person knows it.” said Maridee and Jerry McFalls, “We don’t mind paying for their information.” The younger couple is now offering a $5000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the person/persons responsible for the disappearance of their parents and an additional $5000 to anyone with information leading to the recovery of the McFalls’ bodies. “Bounsall is a serious guy, he’s an expert in his field, he’s sharp as hell and we have new hope. We will never stop looking” said the McFalls’ family members.

For more information or offers to help, please contact the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office at 928-753-0753; all information will be kept strictly confidential. You can also follow the efforts on Facebook: The family asks that you please share this information on social media or by word of mouth; every effort helps and every person you tell could be one person closer to telling someone who knows something.