When Hyperlocal Media Nevada partnered with the owner of the Mesquite Local News website, traffic had been hovering around 20,ooo viewers a month despite having only a few sporadic posts published since the Covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of the weekly print edition of the newspaper.

Hyperlocal Media filled that print newspaper void with Mesquite Monthly, a tabloid-sized newspaper that is dropped at more than 50 locations in Mesquite on the first Wednesday of every month.

The daily news was handled ably by the Mesquite Citizen Journal. But when that publication ceased daily news posting, it was time to get back into the daily news business.

Rather than starting from scratch, Hyperlocal Media Nevada decided to contract with Battle Born Media to run the Mesquite Local News website. We started posting daily articles on Aug. 1, and traffic was still around 20,000 visitors a month with about 35,000 page views.

I checked the statistics today and we’ve passed the 50,000 mark in visitors and are over 65,000 page views; and that’s only with half a month of daily news postings. Let’s see how far it can go. Keep reading, and sign up for our daily news email blast, which goes out at about noon every day with links to all the stories that have been posted in the previous 24 hours.

Thanks for all your support.

Kirk Kern/Publisher