A Search Party is being organized on Saturday, March 10 thru Sunday, March 11 at the Beaver Dam Lodge, Old Highway 91 in Beaver Dam, at 10 a.m.  to help look for Jerry and Susan McFalls. They have been missing since Jan. 11. Any and all help will be welcome. Investigators will be there if anyone has information regarding the disappearance. Please help the family with the search; the more eyes, the better. Your help can all make a difference in righting this wrong. Thank you and the family looks forward to seeing you there.

The McFalls, both 62-years-old, seemed to ‘vanish into thin air’ from their second home in Littlefield on January 11, leaving behind no signs or evidence suggesting where they could be. The couple, from West Jordan, Utah, left no signs of struggle in the home, according to investigators.

Investigators are closing in on the suspects and persons of interest. They have new, ‘good information’ and believe that indictments in the case will be coming soon.

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