MMGA monthly wild card tournament results at the Casablanca on Thursday

The best round by far was turned in by new member Rudy Gonzales who had 8 birdies including three in a row on 1,2,3 and 6 and than 11,13, 15 and 15.  That may be a MMGA record of birdies in one round.

The overall low net winner was Willie “lucky red” Nelson with a 63.  The first flight had the most competitive scores ranging from 66, 67,68,69. The importance of the first couple handicap holes came in to play for each flight as there were ties in each.  In the A flight it went to the fifth hole where Paul LeVan beat Ron Bankson with a birdie three.  In the second flight Tim Bergstrom shot bogey, bogey and beat Virgil Mink who shot bogey, 2X.  And in the third flight Doug Anderson won third place with a bogey on the 2nd hole over Fred Emmons’ 2X.






Rudy Gonzales shot a net 66 for first place

Andrew Yeh got second with his 67

Kim Tomsic scored a 68 for third

Paul LeVan won the playoff for 4th with a 69


1st place went to Gary Denhalter with 69

2nd was won by Jerry (RED) Hyland with 71

3rd went to Tim Bergstrom at 74


First place winner was surprisingly Willie Nelson with 63

Second went to Mike (I finally got my hdcp up enough) Holden with 73

Third was won on a tie breaker by Doug Anderson with a 75


TIM BERGSTROM and DON MANNON  were on the podium, representing the second flight, when the announcement came out that Mannon had parred 13 and Bergstrom bogeyed it dropping Bergstrom from gold to silver.  The second flight also had the most 60’s, besides Bergstrom and Mannon, David Miller had 67 and Virgil Mink and Carl Schlisner had 69 but have to wait until next time.  Bergstrom had the best rounds today shooting a 39-38-77.  Playing partners Bubba Petrick and Gary Denhalter also had 39 at the half way mark but caved on the back as the winds came up and it got colder.  The next player close to Bergstrom’s 77 was Dana Schultz with 80, Ron Bankson with 81 and Mannon at 82.


1st place went to Dana Schultz with his 69

2nd was won by Rory Tomsic with a par on 13 over Bubba Petrick’s bogey five

3rd went to Bubba Petrick with that five


First place was earned by Don Mannor over Tim Bergstrom with his par on 13

Second went to Tim Bergstrom

Third slot won by David Miller with 67


1st place went to Doug Anderson with a net 69

2nd place to Larry Foley with 71

3rd went to Terry Burke (72) when he beat Rob Schultz (72)with a bogey on 13


First, CONGRAULATIONS to first time winner Bill Galeazzi.  He won first place in the C flight with a 71.  One of the few times the third flight winner was not in the 60’s….what happened?  Rod Stanger shot the low round of 77 with 38-39 and it included a fifteen foot  EAGLE putt from off the green on the par four 13th.  Rudy Gonzales was a far distance back with an 80.  Gonzales, Tim Miller, Frank Vandeweghe and John Youngberg were all tied for 4th in the A Flight.  Youngberg parred the first handicap hole for the win.   There was also a three way tie for 3rd in the B Flight between David Miller, Cal Schlisner and Greg Sullivan at net 71.  Sullivan won out with a bogey, bogey, while the other two shot something worse.  The lowest net round was turned in by Vic Carlson at 68.


1st went to Rod Stanger at 69

2nd to Bill Irace with 70

3rd place went to Kim Tomsic with a net 71.

4th, as stated above, was won by John Youngberg


First went to Vic Carlson with a net 68.

Second place, again, went to Gary Denhalter with 70

Third place was won by a tie breaker, Greg Sullivan with 71 and two bogies.


1st slot was won by Bill Galeazzi with a net 71

2nd to Joel Reilly at net 72

3rd  was won by Ray Halicki with 73

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