My wife and I moved to Mesquite in 2004 and have enjoyed the community very much. Over the years we have heard a great deal of negative discussion about our local Mesa View Hospital. Over time I became as distressed with the medical care of the Hospital, the Emergency Room and even the associated Clinic in the next building. “A place to go and die” was the catch phrase used most often.

As with all things the primary theories must be personally tested. I am 75 years old and as we all know things just seem to go wrong medically. I had such a test myself recently. On January 20, after having felt ill for several days, decided that I needed to pay a visit to the Emergency Room at Mesa View Hospital. I was reluctant, but with the Quick Care closed, I had no choice. I was seen by Dr. Smith, who had diagnosed my diverticulitis last September, 2017, and he was in agreement with me that I had another attack. He sent me home with pain medication and antibiotics.

Well, as it turned out that did nothing to stop the pain and I returned to the ER the next evening, 1/21/18, in severe pain. Dr. Johnson saw me, did a CAT scan, determined that it was a medical emergency and told me I was going upstairs into the Hospital. I hurt so much at the time that I did not care. “Just fix my pain” was all I could think of. I was taken up to the second floor of the Hospital, put in Room 216 and hooked up to IV pain medications, Morphine, and antibiotics. I stayed there until it was determined I could go home late on 1/24,18.

The thing that I discovered during my stay was that our local Mesa View Hospital does indeed provide some of the best care I had ever had. The entire staff is caring, knowledgeable, kind and respectful. They are keenly aware that you are not there because you want to be and they act to help make a bad situation better for you. While I was there the Hospital admitted an older patient that had severe mental issues. He was placed in the room next to mine. He was loud, angry, very aggressive and totally uncooperative. The staff is not trained, nor should they be, to handle a patient that must be restrained to perform the simplest treatments. Out of necessity they devoted much more time than usual on this patient. Never did they ignore all the other patients, including me, that were on the floor and it was full.

I must say that Jason Mccoy, Director of Inpatient Nursing, who was in charge of the Second Floor, and RN Nurse Georgia were exceptional and worked long hard hours during that time. That is not to say that all the staff without exception did a wonderful job and I received excellent care. Upon leaving Jason wheeled me down to meet my wife. On the way I told him that the Hospital had received very bad press in the area because of perceived low quality care. He said that over the past year the Hospital had removed and replaced a large number of its nursing staff in order to improve patient care. I am here to tell everyone who reads this that Mesa View Hospital has succeeded. What we must all also realize is that being in the Hospital anywhere is stressful. It is also the responsibility of the patient to receive the care without expecting miracles and special care because of the  ” I’m more important than anyone else.” attitude. Nursing staff work very hard to make any hospital stay as comfortable as possible. They help make a bad situation better and Mesa View now does it very well.


Rick Malone