Sincere thanks to City Manager Andy Barton and his team for responding so quickly regarding two items I asked about at the last Community Forum on January 18th.

As Sun City residents we regularly bike the dirt path that goes from Sun City to the entrance to the Sports Complex on Hardy and then continue to the Regional Trailhead Parking area where we love to sit on the overlook bench with a panoramic view of Mesquite and beyond.  The dirt path had washed out in spots during previous rains and the two overlook benches were vandalized and had to be removed months ago.  When I asked City Manager Barton about these obviously low priority items I did not expect a quick resolution.  He and his staff took the time at the meeting to fill me in on what had happened and stated they would look into both issues.

The very next day the dirt path was graded!  In addition a bench has been installed at the very popular overlook spot.  WOW!

I never really appreciated our local City employees even though I believe Mesquite is a fantastic place to live.  After listening to the City Manager update and other questions and concerns that were brought up at the forum I now feel confident City government is just as concerned and responsive to the “important” issues facing our town.  As a first time forum attendee I was impressed with the City staff who were available to answer questions:  City Manager, various Department Heads (including the Police Chief), some Council Members and other staff were all willing to address concerns in a informal relaxed setting.  As residents of Mesquite we are fortunate to have this Community Forum as an easy way to be heard and to stay informed.