These past few years we have seen and heard the younger generation cry out loud when it comes to issues that they disagree with, in fact…many feel like they are the victims of our society today; welcome to the ‘snowflake’ generation. Their intolerance to political affairs of sorts, economics and realities we call ‘life’ are just a few things that set this generation apart from the elders. There’s a certain ‘air’ about their presence, meaning… many are self-obsessed, living in the present culture of narcissism among their peers.

It’s a roller coaster of emotions out there, yet this isn’t something new…we’ve all had to work through it and deal with life’s problems’; the difference…how our generation grew up and handled it. I can recall a personal situation in particular which didn’t go my way and was told by my elders to “get a grip on it kid, disappointments are a part of life!”  And “pull up those big girl pants.” Tell this to the younger generation (snowflake) today and watch their reactions; tears and cries of anxiety, most likely catapulting them into depression. I’ve often wondered how or why this generation became this way, and I’m sure there are no definitive answers here, but one thing is for sure…they want it all and they want it on their terms. I’ve actually been told those three little words I’m sure you’re all familiar with…”It’s about ME” not you. This is clearly about self-absorption while being in a fragile state of mind, so don’t cross them because it could send them over the edge; seriously, this is the way they are…hence the ‘snowflake’ term.

It came as no surprise that the sixties generation never saw themselves as victims. They marched for things they believed in, as they do today …however the difference lies in the attitudes. For the generation which seems so long ago… it was a time of Peace, Freedom and Love which marched right into the 70’s era. People weren’t afraid to go it alone and experiment life…most became more resilient, coping with every days challenges while maintaining a certain emotional stability.  Back then no one seemed to have that strong sense of entitlement, nor were they hyper-sensitive to real life situations which would require ‘safe spaces’ for them to sink into, like in today’s world.

Life for everyone has changed and continues to, so while this world evolves we must remain cognizant of our future. I read somewhere that this younger (snowflake) generation needs to grow a bit of backbone and learn to take risks as we all did… I happen to agree, they could also learn a few things when it comes to showing empathy. They need to toughen up and think about everyone (as a whole) when making difficult choices. We must come together and narrow this generation gap; let’s share the dreams and vision for ‘our’ future, or it will have a negative effect which will continue to trickle down for generations. This pattern or better yet, personality disorder needs to come to a halt. Let us begin with some basics today…Peace…Love…and how about Harmony? “I’m in!”


Make your week count.