Monday, Dec. 19, , Rep. Ruben J. Kihuen issued the statement below following a vote in the House of Representatives on the Republican tax bill:

“It is outrageous that Republicans chose to gift a giant holiday tax break to big corporations and the wealthiest Americans at the expense of middle-class families. Not only does the Republican tax plan raise taxes on 86 million hardworking Americans, it explodes the deficit and paves the way for future cuts to essential programs like Social Security and Medicare. As if that weren’t enough, this legislation undermines the Affordable Care Act and will lead to nearly 13 million Americans becoming uninsured.

“Our country desperately needs tax reform that benefits middle and lower income Americans, not reform that shifts the tax burden away from corporations and the rich and onto working families. While Republicans may be proud of themselves for finally passing a piece of legislation, the American people see through the ruse. Hardworking Americans know that Republicans are turning their backs on them to pass a tax plan that our families and our country simply cannot afford.”