Bruce Hendricks, CEO, Bank of Nevada, Pat Skorkowsky, Clark County School District Superintendent, and John Guedry, President & COO, Bank of Nevada.

Bruce Hendricks, CEO, Bank of Nevada, Pat Skorkowsky, Clark County School District Superintendent, and John Guedry, President & COO, Bank of Nevada.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary Bank of Nevada is providing $40,000 to help fund financial literacy programs at 20 Title 1 elementary schools in the Clark County School District for the 2014-2015 school year.

The ‘20 for 20 Financial Literacy Program’ will provide 20 schools with $2,000 each to support a financial literacy education program at each school. Approximately 15,000 students will be provided with courses that teach the fundamentals for understanding personal finances which are a central element to family well being and stability.  In addition to funding for the program at these schools, bank employees will volunteer approximately 240 hours from October  through December 2014 to teach financial literacy classes in the schools to enhance the students’ financial literacy education.  Participating schools were identified by the School District and funding will be facilitated through Public Education Foundation.  In Mesquite, the program will be taught at J. Bowler Elementary School and Virgin Valley Elementary School by bank employees from the Mesquite branch including Dan Wright, Senior Vice President.

“Since our founding 20 years ago, supporting education and our community has been a core value of Bank of Nevada. Through the financial literacy program thousands of elementary students will learn basic tools that will create the foundation for managing money,” said  Bruce Hendricks, CEO for Bank of Nevada.  “In addition to providing funding for the program, Bank employees will be active participants in the program by volunteering to teach financial literacy classes at each of these schools.”

“Financial literacy is such a vital skill to have,” said Clark County School District Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky. “By preparing students with these skills at an early age, they learn how to manage their money wisely, providing a positive impact on their financial futures. I’m grateful that Bank of Nevada, along with its employees, are investing in the future success of our students. It’s never too early to learn about money management.”

Bank of Nevada began in 1994 as BankWest of Nevada founded by a well known group of local bankers, business and community leaders including Bill Boyd, Executive Chairman, Boyd Gaming, and Donald Snyder, President, UNLV. A division of Western Alliance Bank, Bank of Nevada has grown to over $2 billion in deposits focused on delivering a high level of customized solutions to Southern Nevada’s business, professional and nonprofit communities.  Boyd and Snyder also are founding board members of the parent company, Western Alliance Bancorporation which became a publicly traded bank holding company in 2005, and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol WAL.