In the modern world of technology, it’s apparent that texting is the primary source of communication…but is it good to text rather than directly talking to someone? Most millennials today text and it doesn’t matter if it’s personal or business, it’s their way of communicating.  As for us older folk, most of us prefer to talk, giving us that chance to hear them. The ability to give someone your undivided attention shows more compassion and emotion; while giving you an opportunity to hear the person’s tone of voice, which may shed some light as to how they might be feeling or if something is troubling them. Text messages can give someone a false sense of feelings, it’s that simple.

I chose to write about this because the holidays are near, and nothing bothers me more than when my own children text, instead of hitting the green button to call me. I experienced it firsthand over Thanksgiving; later expressing my disappointment to them, and it was the best thing I could have done. Honesty is still the best policy in order to have good relationships, and it’s easier to fib a story when texting; this is where hearing the persons voice on the other end becomes imperative. I believe it shows RESPECT when calling; as we are all human and let’s face it…something could happen to any one of us at any time. Oh, I don’t have a problem texting my children at any given day, but I know they are busy with work and have lives of their own, but when a holiday or special event comes around…I want to hear them and get an idea of how ‘they’ are doing. Texting cannot give me the ‘know-how’ as to how they’re feeling; only HEARING a voice will give you an inkling. Trying to decipher an SMS message or multiple emoji’s is nothing but assumptions on the part of the receiver. Texting clearly gives the sender time to frame their words as to ‘what’ they want you to think; hence the word ‘honesty.’ Texting also lets the person off the hook when it comes to holding a real conversation. This has done nothing positive for the socially awkward people and in fact has been damaging when it comes to interpersonal skills among the younger generation. Public places are full of people with heads buried down in their phones; most of which are texting. It doesn’t matter where you are, restaurants, businesses, highways and city streets…texting is going on everywhere you look; it has no age either. Nothing bothers me more than seeing couples or groups of friends in public that don’t speak to each other, because they’re all busy on their phones.

Holidays can be hard for many, so show how much you care by giving someone you hold dear to your heart a call. Forget texting. I’ve often imagined what it might be like if there was no texting services available for 1 day during Christmas; how would people react? This time of year can be stressful for some, while it can be joyful for others. Maybe…just maybe, that 1 call could change the heart of another, or better yet…possibly save a life. Choose to call and scrap the text.

Make this Holiday count.