This is an emergency notification. On Tuesday November 28, 2017, at approximately 6:30 p.m., a significant backflow event occurred involving air in the water lines and dirty, higher than normal chlorinated water. The area affected is the northern half of Calais Dr. and most of Highland Hills. Virgin Valley Water District staff responded quickly Tuesday evening and flushed the system from two fire hydrants located on Falcon Nest Court. We believe, based on the amount of flow, the quick response of staff, and water modeling of the event; we flushed out most of the dirt and highly chlorinated water. We reported the incident to the health department. On Wednesday November 29 District personnel hand-carried a boil water notice to 90 homes. District staff also set up an auto dialer phone message to alert the 90 homes. We have taken 11 bacteriological samples and taken them to Las Vegas on Wednesday and will do the same sampling Thursday per state health requirements. Assuming the samples pass the test on Friday, the boil water order will be rescinded. If you have any questions please contact the Virgin Valley Water District at 702-346-5731.