Nov. 10, 1916: Newell Leavitt wife and babies came from Las Vegas to bring a new Ford auto to Bishop Earl. They stayed until after the election returning home by the way of Moapa. Bishop took them to Overton in his new car.

Nov. 15, 1917: An accident whereby Mrs. Mark Bleak of Logan NV, sustained a broken arm occurred last Saturday near Bunkerville. Mr. and Mrs. Bleak and their three children were returning home after visiting here when their auto turned over. None of the others were hurt and the family returned to the city after Mrs. Bleak’s arm had been treated. She is progressing nicely.

Nov. 15, 1921: Mrs. Mary Ann Hafen visited family and friends in Santa Clara.

Nov. 18, 1921: The MIA (Mutual Improvement Association) gave an old-time dance last night. All dressed in everyday clothes, boys in overalls and girls in calico aprons. Sold lunches and all had a good time.

Nov. 11,1922: The Arizona boys are working on the Arrowhead Trail near Arizona-Nevada state line under the direction of Jos H. Reber.

Nov. 11, 1922: Armistice day was very nicely celebrated by the Virgin valley schools at Bunkerville. A platform was built out of doors in the center of town and a splendid program was rendered. The school baseball team played with the town in the afternoon. The score was 16 – 11 in favor of the school.