By Abbey Snow


The “Sounds of the Great” is the first concert the Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra will perform to begin its fourth season on Nov. 18 in the CasaBlanca Showroom emphasizing the musical works of great composers.

SNSO Conductor and President Dr. Selmer Spitzer said the motive behind the theme is to continue to stress the fact that SNSO is a symphony orchestra and not a show group. They perform the classics of the great composers of different time periods in musical history.

“At our first concert four years ago, we started with about forty-five players,” Spitzer said. “During our upcoming Nov. 18 concert, the orchestra will have sixty-four playing members, although presently on our roll we have about seventy-five interested players. What an exciting growth.”

The SNSO musicians last played in April finishing their third season. They have been rehearsing diligently to prepare for the first concert of their fourth season.

According to Diana McKinney, principal clarinetist, the musicians must focus their minds on the new music presented to them and work together. They may start off a little rusty, but start coming together to create a union with woodwinds, brass, percussion, strings and the conductor which creates a team. That team goal is to perform a piece of music that connects the orchestra with the audience.

“When the Southern Nevada Symphony performs, as its conductor and members of the orchestra, we have to remember we don’t play for only our enjoyment,” Spitzer said. “We play for our audience, donors and possibly non-knowledgeable listeners of the classics.  It is also their orchestra and for their listening enjoyment.  The music should be exciting and moving to tears for the listener.”

Spitzer said they are beginning the fourth season with more challenging music than before. He plans to increase the difficulty of the music to enhance the performance output of SNSO for the audience and musicians. He hopes SNSO will be playing music in which area philharmonics are performing when they start into their fifth season.

“The public has been very supportive, and our donations have increased which we are so thankful for,” Spitzer said. “As that continues, we can continue to grow musically and with public recognition in Nevada and beyond.  A big thank you for the support from Krissy Ayon with Mesquite Gaming and the CasaBlanca. The Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra has been blessed.”

Concert tickets start at $17, and can be purchased at, calling 800-585-3737, or at the Casablanca Resort front desk.